What exactly do fund recovery companies do?

The whole purpose of going to a fund recovery company is so you can get your lost funds back. This can be either a part of the recovery process that happens directly with the fraudulent entity or a portion of the process that happens after you report it to the fraud department of the bank where you deposited the funds.

Fund recovery companies do not collect from the financial institution itself. They only collect from the fraudulent entity and remit to the rightful owner. Some of the common methods by which funds can be recovered include:

• Part payment: According to Section 71 of the USA Patriot Act, you can choose to make a partial payment of the funds if you can’t afford to remit all of it to the fraud department directly.

How to find a legit recovery company

One of the first step to finding a fraud recovery firm is to figure out the company’s reputation.

This is probably the most crucial step in finding the right company. These days, there are over 800 online businesses and more than 1 million legitimate companies that can be searched online. This makes it all the more difficult to find the genuine fraud recovery company. You also have to check if the company’s website provides contact information for its various departments. The good news is that many fraud recovery agencies have domain reviews, and most have the reviews up to date. For instance, Truth Results reviews sites such as TotalRecoveryReport, PublicReview, AllRecoveryReviews, and RecoveringMoney.

What is the typical process of recovery?

Fund recovery companies specialize in the recovery of stolen funds. However, the process has a long way to go before your hard-earned money can be recovered. First of all, companies have to prove the fraudulently obtained funds were not the victim’s own. In order to do that, they have to prove you signed a contract, paid a deposit fee, or paid money for a guarantee.

If an entity doesn’t have enough proof, the case is dismissed and you’re given all of your money back. For some customers, this can be quite disappointing, especially since the service doesn’t keep your money with itself and requires a nominal fee to go to court to reclaim your cash. However, if you receive it, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Fund recovery isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

Ongoing recovery

Since they deal with a wide range of cases, this type of firm usually has personnel that stay on top of the case. They aren’t just holding onto your stolen funds as a way to “appease the customer” to get their return. When your fraud has been caught, the experts will move onto the next step to retrieve your funds. Some of the steps they might take include:

Investigating the complaint and submitting a fraud investigation.

Creating a fraud report, in accordance with regulations set by the government and business.

Contacting your bank and credit card companies for the funds.

Making sure that the funds are completely refunded to you and the items you purchased are recalled.

Taking your case to the court if necessary.


Whenever someone turns to you and admits that they’ve been scammed, you’ll need to know how to respond to them. Be sympathetic and understanding of their situation and you’ll be well on your way to doing a great job. Take the time to make them feel comfortable by not probing for details, the information they divulge could very well be classified as “confidential.” In short, keeping your guard up and at least a little skeptical is all that is needed. But, if they want your help, then let them know that it’s what you are here for, to help them recover their funds.